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Home Poached – 12.19.2014

Perfect Poached Egg

The Perfect Poached Egg

Sure, the site’s called the perfect fried egg, but there’s an art to the perfect poached egg, made at home in less time than it takes to make the coffee. Every self-respecting breakfast cook should know how to make a perfect 5-minute poached egg.

The yolk should be wet but not overly runny. The white should be completely cooked, but not rubbery.

It ain’t rocket science but you’d be surprised how hard it is to find this in a decent restaurant.

Poached egg with perfect yolk

Perfect 5-Minute Poached Eggs:

– Fill small saucepan with water,  1″ deep
– Add 1 Tsp Distilled White Vinegar and 1 Tsp salt
– Heat to gentle rolling boil
– Crack egg gently into large spoon or (better yet) ladle
– Swirl water rapidly in pan, and (while water is swirling) gently spoon egg into center of water.
– Cover and boil, untouched, for 5 minutes
– Remove with a slotted spoon, add salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy.